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Immersive Sensory Rooms

Immersive Rooms take Sensory Experiences to the next level. These incredible resources are ideal for creating wonderful scenario-driven environments where users are fully immersed within the space. The main objective of the immersive space is to harness the power of digital media. Creating different themes that are both rich in sensory benefit, but also ideal to tie into curriculum-based learning.

All rooms and spaces are different. In some situations, it may not even be possible to provide solutions that will offer the desired effect whilst offering value for money. Over the years we have designed and installed a number of successful immersive rooms. Some with as little as two walls – through to full 360 degree wall and floor projection.

Immersive Room with Fish Projection
City Skyline projection in small Immersive Space
Immersive Room Projection and Africa Theme

Engaging Educational Spaces

The largest complexity is the projector choice along with their physical position within the room. Thought has to be put into the effects of shadowing and picture clarity once in the space to try and reduce the effects of pixellation. Our system is driven by a high spec PC control system allowing for easy editing of media and themes. It has the ability to interface into a vast array of other sensory elements such as mood lighting, aroma and wind generators.  

This allows for an even more impressive overall effect than a simple projection on its own. With these additional features, even more stunning sensory experiences can be created. Our system enables user interaction through a vast arrange of wireless switches and even App control, these spaces offer so much for so many, regardless of specific needs or abilities.

As a Company, we pride ourselves in offering advice that works. We will listen to what you want to achieve and tell you first if it is possible. Then we will work out the best hardware solutions to provide you with the desired results. Your first step is to get in touch and arrange a free consultation.

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