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Introducing Sensory Mobile Deluxe

The Portable Sensory Room Solution from Sensory Technology

"Sensory Mobile Deluxe is highly Interactive to keep clients entertained"


Easily movable allowing sensory resources to be used anywhere with ease


Packed with sensory resources, making a real alternative to a fixed sensory room.


Cost effective solution for providing great sensory experiences.


Complete Portable Sensory Room

Fully Loaded

A Mobile Sensory Room which can truly replace a fixed alternative. Caters for a wide range of sensory stimulation.

Portable Sensory Room easy to move


Only 620mm wide so fits effortlessly through doorways. Four castors makes the sensory trolley easy to move.

Sensory Trolley controls

Easy Control

Easy to use controllers means you spend more time learning and playing and less time scratching your head.

Portable Sensory Unit Storage


Plenty of storage space. Ideal for storing loose sensory items such as UV reactive, Tactile and aroma resources

Sensory Mobile Deluxe

The most comprehensive Sensory Trolley available - ideal for creating a portable sensory room.

The Sensory Mobile Deluxe

This unrivalled portable sensory room solution from Sensory Technology is packed full of  sensory resources.  This sensory trolley has a modern look and is easily portable.  At only 620mm in width it fits through most commercial doorways and with the four castors it is easily positioned for optimum use.

The unit has been designed to include a vast array of sensory items that are the building blocks for most sensory room installations.  The control is both easy to use and packed full of features and interaction meaning.  This provides you with a great resource that will fascinate and occupy your clients. Our interactive mobile sensory unit has been designed to offer the best possible value.

What’s Included?

Take a look at what is included:

Borealis Tube

The innovative Borealis Tube with 16 different programs and interactive control through its easy to use controller and the included RF wireless remotes. This impressive effect stands 1 metre tall.

Mirror and Plinth

For use with the Borealis tube to both increase the effect and also to allow access to the tube for smaller users

Fibre Optics Harness and Lightsource

UV Knotted Harness with LED lightsource – ideal for use under blacklight for VI and tactile work.  Interactively controlled by the included RF remotes.

Infinity Tunnel

Our incredible infinity tunnel with 16 programs and both supervisor and user control by our range of included RR remotes

Solar Projector with rotator and 2 x effects wheels

A great product for more themed and curriculum based learning, Choose from the full range of wheels to suit your requirements. Interactively controlled by the RF remotes.

Water Effect Projector

The therapeutic and mesmerising water effect project produces a stunning shimmering water pattern. Great for themed work. Control interactively with the RF Remotes.

RGB colour changing lights

With there own controller allowing for simple colour control and the ability to learn our RF remotes for interactive control by the clients

Blacklight/UV light

Ideal for VI work. This light makes fluorescent items glow vividly in the dark.  For use with the UV Fibre optics and UV resources kit.


Plenty of storage space to pack away a vast array of sensory resources

UV Tactile Kit

The trolley includes a great selection of UV reactive tactile resources for using with the included UV/Blacklight fitting.  Great for VI work.

2 x Auxiliary Interactive sockets

We have included 2 further interactive sockets for plugging in additional sensory resources that you may have. These can be programmed easily to be interactive to the client.

Wireless single button switches

To be used for interactive control of simple plug and play sensory items such as the Fibre Optics and Solar Projector. Easily paired to the controller and featuring our unique 5 year + battery life with charging or changing

Interactive cube remote

Ideal for using with the more advanced items such as the Borealis, Infinity or RGB Colour Wash lighting. Role the cube and whichever side faces is upwards is the colour you will get.  Easily paired to the controller and featuring our unique 5 year + battery life with charging or changing.

Softplay 4-way handswitch remote

A simple four button remote featuring Red, Green, Yellow and Blue switches.  Ideal for colour recognition work.  Easily paired to the controller and featuring our unique 5 year + battery life with charging or changing

Sound system

Our 2.1 sound system with Aux in and Bluetooth compatibility and NFC pairing technology making it quick and easily to play music. CD player is optional if required.

Aroma Cubes

Set of aroma cubes so we don’t forget the sense of smell.  Great for themed work with the Solar Projector.  Choice of fragrances to suit.

Controllers, instructions and training

All control equipment with instruction and training.

Sensory Trolley UV Kit