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Private Residential – Sensory Room

Residential Home Sensory Room With Floor and Wall Padding


Earlier this year, we were approached by an Occupational Therapist to create a unique sensory area for her client that would provide her with a safe, engaging space to enjoy sensory input within the residential property.  The family were renting so they wanted to ensure the main sensory elements were easily moved to their permanent home, once they were ready. 

Client Brief

Although the Occupational Therapist had a clear outline of what she wanted, it was important to ensure that the features and equipment included were interactive for her client.

This is a regular request we receive from occupational therapists, including simple on/off interaction with other modes such as latched and timed, so they can work with their client on simple and complex cause and effect.

The key brief for this project was to create a room with both calming and stimulating effects to suit their client’s mood. This would also allow her environment to adapt to suit her needs, with equipment that was removable for a more passive experience when required.

Design Process

With safety and accessibility in mind, we used soft wall and floor padding to create a closed-off area for the user. This ball pool style wall was designed to stop her rolling onto the floor when enjoying the space, but could also be moved when required to use the mobile hoists.

The traditional bubble tube and fibre optics were incorporated into the space as she responded very well to these in other sensory areas she had used. Mood lighting was included to wash the room with colour – a product that is great for calming and stimulating work with the slow colour scroll or colour change to music.

These three elements were all interactive-based through the use of a single hand switch or the client’s personal switches which could be plugged into the single unit via the jack input. You can then tailor the system with a wide range of accessible switches such as the tilt switch, jumbo switch, flip switch, ect. depending on various needs, abilities and preferences. 

Another piece of interactive equipment we featured was our LED infinity panel, which was built into the soft wall padding. This feature allows users to interact using an in-built microphone, which creates continuous light sequences and patterns.

Installation Process

Following a detailed survey of the residential property, our design engineer created a bespoke design using made-to-fit measurements to ensure the best fit and finish.The padding, systems and equipment was then manufactured and installed by our experienced engineers.

For the colour scheme, the Occupational Therapist and family chose a lovely soft colour palette with a contrasting floor. These colours included: apple, rose pink, lemon and dark grey. These colours are a combination of our existing and new shades. Whilst lighter, pastel colours are known to be effective in providing a comforting, calming, supportive environment – they also enhance any visual effects being included in the space.

Training Process

On completion, the engineers demonstrated the system and provided training which detailed how each element worked with their various programs. To provide ease for the supervisors of the space, we ensure that our control panels are flexible, yet easy to use and always leave simple instructions for any new staff or carers.

Residential Sensory Room Completion

Overall, through working with the occupational therapist and family’s requirements, we were able to turn this unused room in the residential property into a safe and enjoyable environment for the user. Featuring a wonderful array of products, the user also has the ability to take control for herself using any of her existing personal switches. A low soft padded ‘wall’ would keep her safe when using the space but could easily be opened to allow access for her mobile hoists.

If the family does move in the future, all products can be uninstalled, serviced and reinstalled into the new residential property. The padding may need altering to suit the new area, however, this can be easily resolved through manufacturing extra ‘infill’ pads to ensure the entire space is once again safe.

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