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Sensory Services

From Bespoke System Design to Sensory Maintenance, We Are Here to Help

Bespoke Sensory Environments

Sensory Technology has over the years done many special bespoke sensory environments. We are happy to design and install a wide range of different solutions, for different areas within your facility. Using our in-house development, we can provide custom electronic circuitry, embedded software, or computer applications to create a wide and wonderful range of tailored Sensory Environments.

We have our own CNC facilities and paint finishing system, so can provide bespoke plastic and timber fabrications. Rest assured that if you have a strange idea for a special sensory experience, we have the experience to turn it into reality. We are happy to listen to your ideas and put together a solution for you, whilst trying to work within your budget. Previous Projects have included:

  • Interactive Sensory Corridors
  • Sensory Bathrooms
  • Interactive Roadways
  • Interactive Musical Window
  • Interactive Movement and Development Suites
  • Custom Bubble Screens
Sensory Street with working level crossing
Calming Room Digital Fishtank - impact resistant

You might not have bought it from us but we can still help!

Sensory Technology Ltd have a wide experience of working with many makes of sensory equipment. Our highly trained electrical and electronic engineers can provide you with sensory maintenance solutions.