What is a Sensory Room?

A Sensory Room is a specially designed space aimed to stimulate the senses, promoting de-escalation and/or encouraging engagement. Sensory experiences can be hugely beneficial to children and adults alike. They are great for promoting a range of developmental skills. For example, colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills.

These wonderful resources can be found in a whole host of settings. For instance, Schools, Children’s Centres, Care Homes, and even Prisons. They can be extremely useful for people with autism, sensory processing disorders, SEBD and PMLD, as well as many other disabilities.

A variety of sensory equipment and can be set up to target specific needs and purposes. Maybe the aim is to create a "Calming Room", which is used to aid in the de-escalation of the client. Including items such as floor and wall padding for protection, along with colour changing mood lighting for distracting and calming.

Alternatively, a Sensory Space could be about interacting with their surrounding. This would be referred to as an "Interactive Sensory Room". Incorporating items such as Interactive Sensory Switches and/or App Control. New technology has provided the ability to offer so many more features and special educational benefits.

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Sensory Room Design and Installation

Over the years we have created a vast range of projects, With many different needs and requirements catered for. Our wide range of multi-sensory products can be used to create wonderful sensory environments and experiences. For example bubble tubes, mood lighting, fibre optics, tactile panels and soft play.

It is not the case of one size fits all. All variables need to be considered to create a Sensory Room. For instance your client's needs, safety concern and budgetary constraints.

For more information on design aspects and thing to consider please see our Sensory Room Design page. Here you will find a range of things to consider when planning your project.

Why not take a look at our Gallery for some inspiration, these are all previous projects we have both designed and installed. Get In Touch for a FREE consultation, including design and proposal, then we will be more than happy to help.

Sensory Corner with Borealis Tube and Infinty Tunnel


Whatever your space or budget, we will create an eye-catching sensory environment

Themed curriculum based learning


Professionally installed sensory rooms backed by our unrivalled aftercare and support

Advanced control system


From simple control through to computer automated interactive learning experiences

Wireless Sensory Equipment for Cause and Effect learning


The user is in control. Cause and Effect learning at its best with or innovative remotes and Apps

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