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Wobble Rooms
Time Out Rooms for Staff Wellbeing

Wobble Rooms for Staff Wellbeing

Over the last month we have been approached by a number of hospitals to create a solution to enhance or design their ‘Wobble’, ‘Rainbow’, ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Safe’ Rooms and create a calming, safe environment for frontline NHS Staff on the ICU and COVID-19 wards.  These provide a relaxing space to escape to when they feel overwhelmed and in need a moment to reflect.

We’re pleased we’ve been able to help in a positive way during this extremely difficult time and provide equipment that we hope will improve the wellbeing of staff.  The NHS are doing a fantastic job dealing with this pandemic in caring for our loved ones and we’re glad we can support them.  Long term, even after this pandemic has passed, these assets will provide a space for Staff to remove themselves from difficult and stressful situations.  Allowing them to deal with their emotions in a positive way will not only improve their own mental health but also enable them to concentrate on their critical roles in providing quality care to their patients.

We have already helped a number of NHS Trusts, in implementing Wobble Rooms with one of the Hospitals commenting:

” Thank you so much, the room looks fantastic and all the staff are really happy with it. Something as minor as this has made a massive difference to the staff working some difficult shifts so we honestly couldn’t be any more grateful!! “

Please see the following link to find out a little more about the concept of Wobble Rooms:

Safe Room Equipment and Options

Both our Bubble Tubes and Borealis Tubes are an ideal calming distraction. We have also installed mood lighting and background music systems along with aroma diffusers.  Other products currently being considered include our Sensor Floor interactive floor system and video projectors for creating calming moods through audio visual technology. These will allow a varying range of themed videos from rain forests to underwater scenery, creating a great visual distraction and installing a sense of calm.

We are also committed to help where we can by providing a reduced pricing structure, along with priority supply and installation service.

Please contact us for more information and discuss what’s available to enhance your safe space.