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Southend Care – Sensory Room Installation

Southend Care Sensory Room Mood Lighting and Equipment


Southend Care, Viking Unit, is a specialist care provider for adults with very complex needs.  Their services range widely from day care to residential and supported living. 

Southend Care pride themselves on the innovative and inclusive care they offer to enhance the lives of their clients.

In our latest case study, we’ll be providing an in-depth breakdown into how we created a brand-new sensory space for the staff and clients at Southend Care. 

Project Brief

Last year, Garry – the unit manager, approached us to create a unique, one off, sensory environment for his clients that took into account their complex and varied needs. 

He wanted to ensure no one was left out and the new sensory facility would provide something for all, to both calm and stimulate, with interactive elements.

The goal was to create an exciting and memorable experience for his clients, that could be updated as technology progressed, and ideas changed. With each new day, users would have the ability to engage in a whole new experience.   

Design Process

We decided that the only way to achieve the aspirations for this new space was to use software technology to control the equipment.  This would provide such a vast array of potential themes using the equipment as they wish, or not, in each scenario.  The interactive switches, of which we included every type, could then be used to trigger the various elements in each theme to keep the system fresh and interesting. 

Garry and his colleagues were trained on how to create new themes as they learned about the elements that each of their client liked.

Curved soft padding surrounded the main area to soften the look.  This was a difficult task for our design engineer as there were a number of boxed panels and radiators he had to work with whilst ensuring a neat flow. With the help of our in-house seamstresses, the end product looked great!

Installation Process

The engineers worked hard to retrofit this complex sensory room, hiding all wiring completely out of view in the ceiling. 

The location of products had to be carefully considered to take into account the H hoist in the room. 

Knowing this was a working building and couldn’t be closed, the engineers were extremely diligent and efficient with the installation to ensure little disruption.  As we are NICEIC, we could link directly into the fuse board for ease.

Training Process

On completion of the installation, the software engineer programmed the system and provided comprehensive training to the main Viking team to ensure they could create their own themes and keep the system fresh and interesting for their clients.

He then returned to enhance the training once they had got to grips with how to use the system and answer any queries that had arisen. This will ensure the system can be tailored to suit the needs of everyone visiting the unit, both now and in the future.

Client Feedback

We worked closely with Garry and his team to offer the best in flexible interactive sensory equipment to create a wonderful, adaptive sensory environment for their clients. 

The Viking unit were delighted with the result and are enjoying experiencing their clients reactions to the new equipment and the many wonderful benefits the unit now has to offer.

We really enjoyed working with them on this project and are so pleased that we had this opportunity to create such a bespoke, exciting space.

Viking has a new sensory room and what a room your team has designed, installed and snagged. The project is now complete after Andy kindly return today to address the small snagging list. We have already started to use this amazing collection of equipment, we can see immediately what a positive impact it will have for all the clients who attend Viking”.

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