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Last week we saw the completion of a fantastic multi-sensory room in the Orkney Isles for the Pickaquoy Centre.  Hoping to provide a wonderful sensory experience for all their users they have selected a great range of products to provide a versatile room to suit the requirements of their clients.  We were given a very specific brief to comply with after the centre had consulted with their various groups.  The result has seen this empty white space being transformed into an area of relaxation and calm, whilst also being fully interactive for stimulating sessions.  With the technology used, every type of environment can be achieved to ensure there is something for everyone and a whole lot more!

The room sees maximum use of LED technology to ensure a maintenance free, reliable room each and every time it’s used – from the Borealis Tube to the Opti-Beams.  With constant daily use this also ensures that the centre has an energy efficient, low cost running bill.

Following discussions with the centre, they opted for the ever popular Borealis Tube to replace the bubble tube they had in the old centre to bring a new product to the island with no maintenance.  This has a fantastic impact in the room with colour washing the area, even when the mood lights aren’t in use.  Both a Solar Projector and media projector have been used to theme the room.  The Solar projector is a quick and easy way to theme the room whilst the media projector brings a far greater range of images as anything can be displayed using the DVD player.  The media projector is also linked to the Opti-Beam system for amazing cause and effect learning as the users break the coloured beam of light to display an image and hear the respective sound through the speakers.  For example, the yellow beam could bring a beach scene to the screen whilst the sound of seagulls are heard through the sound system.

For a more relaxing environment, lie back on the resonance water bed and look up at the twinkling stars above as the water projector produces a mesmerising imagery on the wall below.  Feel the warmth of the bed envelope you as the walls wash in a rainbow of colours and the speakers produce the calming sound of gushing waves against the golden sands. I feel relaxed just thinking about this calming scene!

All of the products in the room are interactive for the users to give them the opportunity to take control of their own sensory environment.  From switching the various products on/off with the supplied switch, or even their own, to selecting the colour of the room.  For those that just wish to sit back and enjoy the effects, they can select the products they would like active when they enter the room on the simple control panel.

If all this wasn’t enough, the Centre has selected the use of our very own interactive Sensor Floor™ system to provide their clients with the best in interactive learning.  The system has well over 100 games to explore, from fast moving splat games to more relaxed water and wipe scenes.  We have also given them the knowledge to create their own games and keep the room fresh and interesting for customers or use our seasonal games for every event of the year.

All in all, this has been an exciting project taking the engineers on the road trip of their sensory careers to an enjoyable location and this truly shows in the care they have taken to retro-fit the products neatly into this brand new room – it looks fantastic and we hope that you enjoy viewing the finished product.