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Palatine Primary School – Sensory Pool

Palatine Primary School - Sensory Pool Installation


In our latest case study, we’ll be providing an in-depth guide on how we installed a brand-new Sensory Pool for the Palatine Primary School. 

Palatine Primary School is a special school in West Sussex for pupils with complex learning needs. The staff are very passionate, with the celebration of every achievement as their top agenda for each child to encourage and enhance learning.

Project Brief

The school came to us following many internal discussions around what they wanted in the sensory pool for the children. They created an internal tender document to score each company in the various areas to ensure they were able to source the best products, system, and service overall whilst not going over budget.

Throughout this quoting process, it was essential for us to understand the goals for the project and strict guidelines they needed to follow. This was so that we could ensure the pupils were able to maximise their time in the pool and provide the best sensory experience possible for each session being held.

After being selected as the sensory provider for the project, we started the process of bringing their ideas to life.

Sensory Pool Design Process

Specifying sensory equipment in a hydrotherapy pool environment has a variety of implications, the main two being humid moisture content and electrical voltage requirements. Products must be selected to ensure longevity and safety for the children in line with the new 18th edition electrical regulations.

As we are NICEIC registered, great care is taken to specify products that not only look great but also comply with the relevant guidelines to ensure all is fit for purpose. IP rated products and extra low voltage products are used primarily in these environments to ensure the best effect for the longest period.

A wide range of products were proposed to create fantastic visual effects for the children whilst enjoying their hydro sessions, this also included interactive switches to allow them to take control of the environment for themselves.

In addition to the equipment included, great care was also taken to ensure the ceiling and walls were filled with colour and effects, since many of the children will be lying back during their time in the pool.

To aid in providing a full sensory experience, we also included auditory sensory equipment which consisted of a professional level sound system. This system was specially selected to ensure that the acoustics were clear and crisp for users during their time in the pool environment. For further control over the audio, users and supervisors can connect via bluetooth and play their favourite music or sounds during their sensory sessions.

Sensory Pool Installation and Training Process

Following an initial survey of the pool by our lead electrical engineer, the pool was installed by our team of talented engineers, all of whom are DBS enhanced.

To ensure a neat and maintenance friendly installation, we fitted all products along the side walls of the pool. These were then wired back to one central IP rated control panel pool-side for easy supervisor control. The sound system is fitted within a cabinet outside of the pool area for protection, whilst still providing remote control to ensure all staff can remain within the pool area.

On completion of all installations, the engineers provide a run-through of the control panels and sound system to ensure everyone is happy with using the system. All controls are easy to grasp with a simple one-step instruction sheet for any new staff.

Sensory Pool Completion

After the completion of the install, the result was a newly transformed hydrotherapy pool, which can now provide a wonderful sensory experience for the children to enjoy during their weekly sessions.

The range of sensory equipment included has flexibility, allowing the supervisors to create both a calming and stimulating environment for the children to suit their daily requirements. With interactive switching, they can then take control of the equipment for themselves, providing great cause and effect learning in, what is often, their favourite environment.

Check out our video of the sensory pool in action!

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