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Here at Peak School they were looking to enhance one portion of the playground area to create a sensory environment.  They wanted to retain a large amount of the playground for open play and bike space so they decided to section an area off for sensory play.  We enhanced the area with some fantastic interactive products for the children including the interactive Bubble Machine and the attractive interactive Sphere Water Feature.  These items both provide great cause and effect learning in the great outdoors giving the children the opportunity to activate the products for themselves.

Other products we included to maximise the children’s sensory surroundings were the Coloured Roof Pergola to display a rainbow across the playground when the sun shines through, a planter to house a lovely array of sensory aromatic plants and a Sensory Circle.  The Sensory Circle brought colour and textures to the garden which is a wonderful spot for those children that like to feel textures beneath their feet.  The circle was cut into the ground to ensure there was no trip hazard for the children.  In addition to all this, music was included to enable the supervisors to play relaxing music in the garden for the children to enjoy.

The engineers did a great job with the installation, especially given the typical Buxton climate!