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It is National Road Safety Week. Come and take a look at the Sensory Street system from Sensory Technology.  This unique system is an ideal tool for safe learning of road usage.  The live system incorporates all the items a person would find when using or crossing the road.

The Road Safety system can be fixed or portable. It includes everyday signs and crossings but in a miniature format. It allows you to teach the children of the dangers and hazards that they will be exposed to in the outside world.

The Road Safety system uses interactive equipment like Traffic Lights, Zebra Crossings and Level Crossings. The Level Crossing has working barriers, flashing lights and the whooshing sound of a train. The Traffic Lights follow the colour sequence of the roadside traffic lights. The Zebra Crossing replicates the safe crossing area found at the side of the road. See children’s confidence on the roads very quickly increase with the use of this Road Safety equipment.

Being available as a portable system allows schools with minimal space to only erect the roadway when it is needed. It can be very quickly and easily dismantled when not in use. Also being available as a portable system it gives schools a very good opportunity for a fast return on their investment. The sensory roadway works exceptionally well for Cycle Proficiency Training. It can be hired out to local businesses, other schools and community groups for training purposes.

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Bradstow School – Interactive Highway

Chellow Heights – Portable Sensory Street System funded by The Wooden Spoon

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