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Calming Sensory Rooms

Over the years there have been so many new and wonderful types of Sensory Rooms, powered by amazing technology. But originally calming sensory rooms were what everyone wanted. In many cases, these calming spaces are still the ideal solution. Suitable for both children and adults these are ideal for use in SEN and Mainstream Schools, Daycare Centres and Care Homes.

These rooms are designed in such a way to allow full control of the mood created. The ability to reduce and manage sensory overload and to regulate the sensory input, allows service users with Autism, SLD, PMLD and Dementia to control their emotions, reducing stress and anxiety. Allowing an environment to be tailored to specific users and needs.

Careful planning and consideration go into all our designs. The aim is to create a calming atmosphere, using a selection of sensory products to reduce tension and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Products such as LED mood lighting, bubble tubes / screens, effect projectors and relaxing background music paint a tranquil and peaceful picture.

Calming Sensory Rooms are a wonderful resource that can help manage emotions and allow for maximum productivity from the entire day. For those who need additional support, allowing access to a safe space is essential. Both comfortable and rewarding, where the outside world is no longer the focus of their attention.

Recently we have found interest in other sectors. Public access buildings and community spaces such as leisure centres, airports, shopping centres and football clubs have started to look at creating provision for visitors with specials needs. This provides them with a unique marketing opportunity for increasing visitor numbers. These settings can be extremely overwhelming for those with autism and dementia.

All our Calming Sensory Rooms are designed to consider not only the purpose of the space but also the intended occupants. We only recommend products that will not have a negative effect by being too bright or too loud ideal for those with sensory processing difficulties.

Our systems are installed by our friendly and experienced engineers who will work with you to ensure minimal disruption. We have been designing these rooms for nearly 20 years and have installed 100’s of well-used reliable spaces. If you like to find out more or to get your FREE Design Proposal then please contact us on 01157 270 777.

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What is Sensory Serenity?

Sensory Serenity from Sensory Technology Ltd is a range of specialist products for creating safe spaces ideal for users with SEBD, EBD and ASD.  The aim of a De-escalation Room or Calm Room is to allow the user to enter an area where they can calm down from their current emotional state. A Safe Space that reduces the chance of physical injury to both themselves and others around them.

Bespoke padded floors, walls, windows and doors provide protection to the service user. The addition of technology can assist in speed up the calming process.

It was developed following an increase in the requirements for Withdrawal and De-escalation Rooms. They can be found in SEN schools, primary and secondary schools, Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centres.

Visit the Sensory Serenity website for further information.

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