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Brentwood Hub – Brentwood Borough Council / Everyone Active

Brentwood Borough Council Sensory Room Finished Installation


Brentwood Hub, now known as King George’s Playing Fields, is a leisure facility for the local community developed by the council to provide an all-inclusive play area and bring everyone together.  The facility is now run by Everyone Active, who are a Nationwide leisure provider.

In 2019, Brentwood Borough Council approached us to create a design to suit this new venue that was fully accessible and suitable for all ages and abilities.  They had heard about us from Essex County Council who we have worked with on many occasions over the years, developing their sensory library areas and sensory zones within the family centres.

Project Brief

The brief set out for the project was to create a completely accessible multi-sensory environment. Our goals throughout the process was to use a range of interactive switching options for everyone to use and enjoy, resulting in both a calming and stimulating environment.  Whether for a one-year-old crawling baby or 18 year old with PMLD, the room needed to provide the best in sensory stimuli for the whole community.

We included a wide range of flexible sensory products to meet the complex brief, from the popular products like the Interactive Borealis Tube and Mood Lighting to the fun Interactive Sensor Floor – which always captures everyone’s imagination and gets them moving. 

We worked with Brentwood Borough Council and King George’s Playing Fields on a few design variations to suit the updated plans as they emerged and maximise the space.

Sensory Installation Process

Throughout the installation processor, our installation team liaised with the main contractor in charge of completing the overall build. This was to ensure all containment plans were provided for the electrical contractor to hide all wiring and complete the installation, in time for the official open day.

Product Breakdown

This room was designed for people of all ages and abilities, including a wide range of flexible products to stimulate the senses.  The system has a range of accessible switches, ensuring everyone can take control of some or all aspects of the environment, with simple supervisor controls to maximise time in the room. 

The featured products included:

Sensory Room Training

Following completion of the installation, the engineers provided the Hub with training on how to use the system, which is designed to be accessible and easy for all users. To ensure any visitors can use the system, clear instructions are displayed next to the control panels to maximise their session.

This was a great project to work on, providing a fantastic resource for the Brentwood Borough Council community with accessible play for all – something that all towns should have. 

The room has been extremely well received and provides a sensory diet for so many who didn’t have it before or who had to travel to find a suitable venue. This allows parents to experience the joy of sensory with their child, where they would usually only have access at school.  It is such an important facility to help improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

Our sensory room provides a safe therapeutic space which can provide opportunities for people to have their sensory needs met. The room includes stimuli that may help people regulate, develop, and engage their senses as they interact with and explore the environment around them.

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