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Barnsley Sensory Room Installation at Outwood Academy. We have just finished the design and installation of this wonderful Sensory Room at Outwood Academy. Formerly known as Carlton Community College. This college was converted to Academy status in February 2016. Outwood Grange Academy has been a National Training School for nine years. Having been accredited as one of the country’s first teaching schools.

This Barnsley sensory room installation was designed to create a fabulous area for the children to relax in. We have included a wide range of interactive products to give huge variety to the users. We began with the installation of our very popular Borealis Tube. This was positioned in the corner of the room to create a great visual effect throughout the area. With the addition of acrylic mirrors behind the tube we was able to maximise this effect. The Borealis Tube has 16 different sequences to fascinate and relax the children. All of which can be speed controlled to suit their mood.

To theme the room we installed a Solar Projector that displays a slow rotating image on to the wall. This is another product that gives great variety to the room. The wide range of effects that can be achieved gives the users an ever changing environment. With the addition of Colour Changing LED Strip Lights. The entire room can be washed with colour. These lights can either be set to a single colour or placed on colour scroll to change and create a soothing environment.

To one wall to give the children somewhere calming to hide we installed our very effective Fibre Optic Half Circle Curtain. The children really enjoy the weightless fibres as they fall over them. These fibres also slowly colour change to produce an additiional lovely cascade of colour in the room. On the opposite wall we installed our very popular in-house designed and manufactured LED Infinity Panel. This produces a mesmerising effect as the colours scroll around and merge in and out to produce an infinity of colour.

All of the installed products are wired back to one central location. This enables the supervisors or students to activate their selected products when they initially walk into the room. To allow the room to be filled with sound we installed on the wall a device input. Any Apple or Android device can be plugged in to play music. The Device Input is connected to two quality speakers in the room. This produces great sound throughout the room.

On the floor we have secured a section of softplay padding to give the children the opportunity to sit comfortably and take time out if they wish. This leads to the plinth and padded vinyl den. Which was a bespoke built den again in-house. The den creates a lovely darkened area for the children to withdraw too. A Fibre Optic starry ceiling has been installed that reflects on the acrylic mirrors installed on the walls. Finally, we installed black out film to the one window in the room to block out any excess light and provide the children with privacy.

Barnsley Sensory Room Installation

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All of the products we chose for this Barnsley Sensory Room Installation are extremely maintenance friendly. The majority of these all being low voltage LED’s. The wireless remote’s all have a battery life of at least 5 years on continuous use so again are extremely maintenance friendly.