Basildon Library Sensory Wall

Basildon Library Sensory Wall – We have designed and installed a sensory wall to include the ‘WOW’ factor at the request of the Basildon Library staff and Essex City Council. The Sensory Wall is a colourful and stimulating area for all the children to enjoy when they visit this library. A wide range of products have been included, from tactile items to visual effects to create the desired result.

The visual effects that we included within the design are the amazing Mirror Ball which provides an array of colour changing spots throughout the area. The Solar Projector which themes the area using our themed effect wheels, that can be interchanged very easily. The Colour Changing Mood Lighting which colour washes the entire area with calming colour. The down lighting colour washing is also a great addition for story times, as the colour can be switched to match the chapter of the book being read. We have installed activation switches for these visual effects all within the reach of the children so they can if wanted take control of the lighting. This creates great ‘Cause and Effect’ learning and colour matching.

The Basildon Library Sensory Wall itself has been designed to include a wonderful range of exciting wall panels to engage its users:

Our brand new I-Digital Infinity Tunnel – This produces a fascinating reaction for the children. The tunnel uses LED technology which is amongst the brightest on the market. It has a row of LEDs, that are reflected in mirrors to create the illusion of having an endless tunnel of light. The Infinity Tunnel is controlled by a small control panel that is neatly built into the unit. This allows users to select the program type and speed at which the program runs. This is a new product from our Sensory Technology I-Digital range of products. The updated version to the standard Infinity Panel. To experience the effect you just press the different colour switches to dictate the colour of the LED’s.

The UV Tactile Activity Panel – This panel provides the children with a range of different surfaces to explore. We have also included switches that when pressed light up a variety of colours including some of our fibre optics. Certain textures on the panel are UV so glow brightly when the UV lighting is active. This works great for visually impaired children.

The Tactile Mirror – This mirror has 9 bubbles that creates a great visual effect when the children study themselves. Each side of the mirror also has a different tactile texture.  These textures are very colourful and help to attract the children to the area.

The Tactile Discs – These have been securely positioned above the mirror. Each of the discs features a different colour and pattern to challenge the user’s sense of touch. The users can either enjoy the tactile nature of the discs on the wall or play the game of matching the smaller discs we provided and are loose on the floor to the larger wall mounted discs.

A Resonance Wall Pad – We have fitted within the wall padding a resonance wall pad to give the children a new experience. They are able to either touch this with their hands or sit on the floor and lean against it to get the full vibrating resonance effect.

All of the above panels have been fitted within different colour wall padding at a height of 1 metre to create the Sensory Wall. Blackout curtains have been fitted to the windows to enable the users to gain the best impact from the many visual effects. Also the entire area has been sectioned off with a fitted railed curtain. This will give privacy should groups wish to use the area for private sessions.

As always the products we have installed are extremely maintenance friendly as the majority are all manufactured using LED’s. This means there are no lamps to change and as LED’s run on low voltage they produce very little heat and use very little energy.

Basildon Library Sensory Wall

Basildon Library also purchased our installed version of our Interactive Projection Floor – Sensor Floor. Full details on this system are available on our website

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